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Why Savings for a Home Are More Vital Than Savings for a Wedding

In many Asian countries, couples living with in-laws aren’t uncommon, some being part of their customs. There may also be a few of them in the west, but it isn’t as normalized as in religious and highly traditional countries. In the Philippines, for example, married couples will typically live in the husband’s family home first

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Shorter Commute or Bigger Space: Which Is Better?

In an ideal world, everyone would be living in a large house, located just a few minutes’ walk away from where they work. Big enough to have space for every activity where you can host parties, start a vegetable garden, and install a walk-in closet for all your clothes and accessories. The reality, however, paints

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Dad and son

Simple Ways to Fund Your Child’s Athletic Dreams

Was it just a decade ago when athletes could get on the grand stage with only their talents and a couple of dollars in their pockets? It used to be that athletic pursuits depended more on people’s talents and skills than their financial capabilities. Basketball players didn’t use to attend camps back then. They practiced in their

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Things You Need to Know about Buying a Condo Unit

You’re probably one of those who are sold to the idea that passive income is the way to earn wealth. Now, you probably have seen people going crazy about buying condo units, and you figured this must be the way to go. And you’re right. A condo unit has a lot of earning potential. But

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