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Summer Tips for Homeowners

According to data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), almost half or 43 percent of the United States is still in a drought this summer, mostly in the West. The

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Is Real Estate Still Profitable? Here’s What to Know

Real estate remains among the most popular forms of investment. Throughout the years, it’s something that has stood the test of time. But with things like cryptocurrency, micro-investments, easier ways to trade currencies and stocks, people doubt whether real estate is still a profitable investment scheme. We’ll be discussing the answer to that question and

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Don’t Fall Victim to These Investment Property Traps

Many buyers are afraid to make mistakes when making a real estate investment purchase. But that does not stop them from making bad decisions. You can avoid this by getting to know the common investment property traps. Investing While You Own Personal Finances Is a Mess Many new investors want to jump on real estate

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Why More People Are Looking to Live in Green Communities

  The majority of the world’s population is urbanizing. As cities become more densely populated, people are becoming concerned with the consequences of climate change. As a result, developers, public leaders, and community activists are reconsidering green spaces and their ability to resolve crucial urban infrastructure and public health concerns. Green spaces are generally regarded

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4 Necessary Steps for Finding a Stress-Free Home

People will never escape from stress in life. It will be present in your home, your relationships, and your career. Your errands and tasks, as simple as most of them can be, will also contribute to the tension and pressure you might feel daily. Facing stress will always be a challenging task, but you will

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