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Buying Properties during the Pandemic

When the pandemic started to hit last year, everything ground to a halt when markets and businesses shut down. It is a concerted effort to stop the spread of the virus. The negative effect is

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Tiny Home Living: Is It Right to Raise a Family with This Concept?

The concept of tiny home living is simple. You have a 300-square-foot house (sometimes less than that). You keep only as few essential things as possible with you. The bed is a convertible desk while the sink doubles as a washing machine or vice-versa. Tiny home living is not for everyone, though. It might fit

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Selling Property Online? You Can Do It with These Strategies

Gone are the days when people looked for listings in the paper or drove around to seek out homes or properties for sale. Everyone hops on line, types in what they’re looking for in a search engine, and goes from there. Because of that, it has become a pretty viable pursuit to get into online

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Buying a House as an Unmarried Couple: 4 Questions to Answer

Buying a house is something that married couples do before tying the knot. The importance of having a shelter outweighs financing a wedding, which is why most people dedicate their savings to getting a property. However, you will find that buying a house as an unmarried couple will come with a lot of questions that

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Why Savings for a Home Are More Vital Than Savings for a Wedding

In many Asian countries, couples living with in-laws aren’t uncommon, some being part of their customs. There may also be a few of them in the west, but it isn’t as normalized as in religious and highly traditional countries. In the Philippines, for example, married couples will typically live in the husband’s family home first

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